Youth Exchanges (13-30 years old)

By participating in a youth exchange, you will get to know young people from 13 to 30 years old and their unique backgrounds and cultures. This is an opportunity for young people to learn from one another, and incidentally to learn about themselves. The young participants are actively involved with the establishment and implementation of the exchange and as a result they develop new skills through an alternate program and non-formal approaches to learning.

Europe and North Africa

During these exchanges, participants have the rare chance to travel to countries all across Europe. This has the effect of bringing people with unique perspectives from countries across the EU together to share their knowledge and experiences with one another. With these travels, young people can develop new skills and competences by actively participating in projects which range from acquiring knowledge on a specific topic to designing a theatrical play and performing it at a local village

5 to 21 days

The duration of  exchanges are a minimum of days 5 and a maximum 21 days (consecutive, exclusive travel days). The duration of the trip gives participants enough time to come in contact with other cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. Participants will walk away from the exchange more aware of social developments across the EU and the roles of significant values such as solidarity, democracy and friendship in different societies. Most importantly participants make new friends and build unforgettable memories.  

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