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6 reasons why you should travel

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There is no denying that the 21st century has an obsession with consumption and material things. There is a never-ending multitude of things that we can possibly spend our money on. These products and services offer us a temporary happiness, one that soon wares off until we purchase the next best thing. Experiences on the other hand, lives forever.

Traveling for some is a getaway, for others it’s a lifestyle. Either way it awakens a new form of understanding, forever altering our existing perspectives of life.  You take yourself on a journey to a new place but you are just there as an observer- the real change takes place inside of you.

Some unquantifiable experiences and benefits that traveling offers are:

  • You find new inspirations, purposes and passions
  • You have a newfound appreciation for home… or a radical realisation that this concept of “home” needs a change
  • You develop a new understanding of how other interact and communicate with one another- that hospitality and gratitude are expressed differently in different parts of the world
  • You make new friends and form new relationships
  • You learn new lessons because you are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities
  • You realise how interconnected humanity is and how despite all our differences- we have a lot more in common than we (or our governments would like us to) believe.

Young people represent around 20% of international tourism, not only is this an important economic force but also gives us an idea that the youth of today are more than even inclined to broaden their mind-sets to an international scope. So do you want to be part of this international youth? Smile to the Future offers customised internships and volunteer opportunities abroad which can be customised to meet your interests and career.

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