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Orphanage project in Kenya

Smile To The Future is working on a new project with Mother Hesenu’s Children’s Home in Kenya to build the next generation of sustainable comfortable homes made from converted shipping containers. The goal of this project is not only to build homes for one orphanage, but to provide a model to the surrounding area of what can be done in terms of creating more living structures of the same type. Not only is the project beneficial for those living in the homes, it creates employment for the locals and gives them a feeling of pride that they are implementing solutions rather than an outside person coming in and doing everything for them. In addition, Smile To The Future will equip these container homes with solar panels which provide a renewable energy source, a carbon-neutral bio-gas plant which converts sewage into gas for heat, cooking and crop fertilizer. In addition, the foundation will provide two cows that will help in production of bio gas and a motorcycle for mobility which will greatly improve the self-reliance of the orphanage.

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