Internships in Kenya

Do you like nature and adventure while simultaneously acquiring valuable experience? Then one of our internships may be right for you! Besides group travel, we also offer challenging internships in Kenya for those who would like to put their knowledge into practice. These internships take place environments that will enable you to learn and where everything is already arranged for you. There is also provide plenty of opportunity to take the initiative yourself. People have different reasons for doing an internship abroad – from acquiring knowledge and gaining new skills to the chance to travel and see new parts of the world. However, many choose to do their internship in Kenya specifically it provides them the chance to serve other people in an environment that is completely different than what they are likely used to and to work towards building a better world. Kenya is the country that can offer you this and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a totally different culture.

The invaluable experience you gain during the internship will be with you for the rest of your life. You will not only be confronted with a completely different reality on the other side of the world, but you will also enjoy all the beauty that the country offers in terms of culture and nature. The warm welcome you will receive from the population will certainly leave a lasting impression on you. The internship will provide you with a chance to enhance general skills such as personal management, responsibility, and punctuality as well as your relevant professional skills and knowledge. Doing volunteer work or an internship is an especially popular option for many students because it is a great way to gain work experience, to see more of the world while, and at the same time make a valuable contribution to worthwhile projects. An internship abroad or volunteer work looks great on your resume and can be very valuable for your career. There are many different projects in destinations all over the globe where you can make a valuable contribution. Nearly all of them have a flexible starting date and duration of stay, which means you can plan it in a way that best fits your studies, during holiday or as part of a backpacking trip.

Smile To The Future will organize everything, so you don’t have to worry about any complex tasks or arranging everything yourself. Kenya is an amazing East-African country with a wide array of landscapes, cultures and animals – the perfect place to complete your internship. As long as you are motivated and have the ambition to make this adventure a success, you are in good hands with us!

  • An intern taking a break at the Kenyan coast
  • An intern working in one of our supported orphanages
  • Speaking at a Kenyan school
  • Interns with locals
  • Safari Giraffe
  • Interns playing with kids
  • Safari Elephant
  • Waterfall in Nyeri