At Smile To The Future we are constantly looking for new partners! Check out the various types of partnerships we are looking for below:

Youth Exchange Partners

Local Business Partners


Looking for participants from the Netherlands for a Youth Exchange program? Smile To The Future is unique in the Limburg area as the only organization that can send and receive Youth Exchange participants via the Erasmus + program. If you are holding a youth exchange and are looking for more participants, feel free to send us an email at to get in touch with our travel department.

One of Smile To The Future’s central missions is promoting social entrepreneurship in Maastricht and beyond. For this reason, we like to partner with local businesses who care about the future of the region. As a local business partnering with Smile To The Future, we have several arrangements that are meant to be mutually beneficial for both parties. We recommend checking out Starters Valley for up and coming entrepreneurs. For well-established businesses looking to find a way to give back to the community, you can check out our projects page or get in contact with us directly for a more personalized consultation.

Partnerships with Smile To The Future are not limited to organizations participating in Erasmus + exchanges, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Another way you can partner with us is by becoming a volunteer or by considering joining us for one of our free travel programs.We also are always looking for financial sponsors for our social entrepreneurship and development projects. Every donation can make a difference!