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Mind Your Business is back!

Smile to the Future is engaged in various international projects, however we also like to be involved in fighting structural inequalities at home in Maastricht, a vibrant Dutch town that is booming with great potential from individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Last year we hosted the first ever Mind Your Business summit, a unique entrepreneurial event that allows participants to advance or generate their business ideas into actionable plans. With the success of last years event, we are pleased to bring back MYB 2.0 which will take place on the 28th-29th November 2015.

So you might be thinking what does the event entail exactly and what do I get out of it?  We are working alongside various organisations that work on social empowerment and inclusion of minorities, for instance we are partnering with Serve the City which helps the integration of refugees within the local community; Trajekt  helps troubled youth overcome personal issues in order to have a brighter future; Inspiratiehuis  have special programs that help entrepreneurs and The Masters helps the integration of differently abled youth. We will host several inspirational speeches given by experts in various fields, such as life coaches, app developers, event planners, independent consultants and of course, entrepreneurs. The event will cover topics on business idea generation, business model canvas, legal aspects of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, pitching and also include advice from personal coaches.

We are living in the times of entrepreneurs so what separates Mind Your Business from other entrepreneurial events? MYB is unique because it is not only a series of lectures and inspirational speeches (that usually make you feel like everyone else is moving up while you feel small and unaccomplished in your chair), it is a participant oriented event that allows entrepreneurs-to-be to take part in workshops and realise their full-potential.

We look forward to seeing you there! 🙂


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For further information, please email or call +31649151478

Mind Your Business maastricht startup event

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