Fundraising Department

Fundraising Personnel

This is an unpaid position, you will be working for an NGO and employment will be completely voluntarily

At least 3 months / ~8 hours per week

The Fundraising department is accountable for the management of volunteers within the organization, the recruitment process, the training and development of the volunteers.

Key responsibilities & tasks:

  • Organising and managing projects
  • Good writing skills in Dutch and English
  • Writing out project plans
  • Working closely with fundraising partners and other organisations
  • Monitoring progress of fundraising drives
  • Developing fundraising materials
  • Identifying and building relationships with potential donors
  • Monitoring fundraising financial data
  • Planning fundraising activities

Job requirements:

  • Experience or studies in fundraising preferred
  • Advanced level of the English language
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills
  • Very good decision-making capabilities – The candidates must have a great sense of responsibility and must be able to lead a team
  • Organized, reliable, independent
  • Good team player

What we offer:

  • Gain experience, practice your talents and develop new and professional skills
  • Receive training in the field
  • Participate in STTF events
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Be part of the STTF team and interact with people with diverse international backgrounds
  • Upon successful completion of the program, you are entitled to receive a certificate and a recommendation letter