The young social entrepreneurs of Starters Valley are  not just ”renters”, but an important part of our business model. On the one hand because they invest 10% of their time in our community. On the other hand because Starters Valley believes that every starter is unique and that in that ”uniqueness” lies the power of success. That is why Starters Valley motivates people to chase their own success with the help of others, because that way you can make a direct or indirect contribution to your environment.

The making available and sharing of knowledge, capital, and network the foundation of Starters Valley. This is done by hosting workshops, coaching of startups and organising events that are offered by our large network. Other than most startup and entrepreneurial hubs, Starters Valley doesn’t put the emphasis on the location, but on the target group and the environment (the people).


  • Affordable work spaces and facilities for startups
  • The individual and his startup are fundamental: strengthening the individual –> strengthening the community
  • Knowledge, capital, and network all in one place
  • Coaching, workshops and guidance wherever needed 
  • Inspiring to experiment, challenge and innovate
  • (In)direct societal impact