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Having high-speed internet service available has never been more important than it is today. According to a survey by satellite in July 2016, 3.9 billion people are still not connected to internet. In Kenya the internet penetration is at 69.6% of which telecoms account for more than 90% of that, unfortunately they provide limited and very expensive internet. The other option is fixed internet, which account for less than 9% and have focused on the middle and high income areas. This has drove us to come up with a solution dubbed weSurf. weSurf is a solar-powered, WiFi-based connectivity platform that helps users to buy affordable, pay-as-you-go unlimited internet using mobile money or vouchers.
All one needs to do is connect to the signal via app or web, pay as little as 5 shillings (5cent) using mobile wallet or physical voucher then receive an access code and start using fast & unlimited internet. One can apply forjobs, work at home, watch movies, do assignments, do teleconferencing, send videos to friends, update applications without worrying of data getting finished. This gives users freedom to learn, share and connect. The mobile app also acts as an access point that propagates the signal improving connection for others. This product targets mainly smartphone, tablets and laptop users in highly populated & low income areas like estates, slums, institutions, towns and SME business hubs. We have packaged internet in a way not seen before, suitable for all age groups and not limited to regions. There is a huge market for the product in Africa and other 3rd world countries.

In Kenya, there are approximately 2.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population and occupying just 6% of the land. Our biggest strength is convenience. If you have any amount you can access unlimited internet without worrying about your bundle getting finished. It’s a unique product that solves problems of poor or no internet connectivity and high cost of internet especially to low income earners.We shall ensure that the project scales faster by partnering with reliable local providers. We shall make money through revenue from the sale of internet to many users each paying a little [Flea model 1M people paying KES 100]. There will also be none annoying adverts running on the app for local businesses.

We are currently running the project in the test area of Kasarani (Nairobi) and have an average of 100 active users per hour during Peak Hours and 60 users during off peak hours with revenues of over 120000 per month. We project to have over 3000 active users during peak hours and 1000 active users during off peak hours in 12 months. We have a team self-employed individuals with ICT skills, leadership, stewardship, passion and a big vision for the product.  The weSurf is a project with great potential to scale across Africa and other 3rd world countries. Feel free to contact us for any questions or proposals