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Walk in like you co-own this place! Affordable office space and a bold “Get work done” mentality unites the members of the Starters Valley community. For young entrepreneurs looking to launch their business to the next level, Starters Valley is the place to be.

Dream with us, join us, and get work done!

Do you wish to build your own bright future on your own terms while also contributing to the community? Support Starters Valley so we can establish the ideal space for entrepreneurs in Maastricht!

Many young entrepreneurs leave Limburg to find work, better opportunities, and areas where innovation is abundant because they cannot find what they are looking for here. But you shouldn’t have to leave Limburg just to find a place that offers all of these things! This is exactly what Starters Valley offers, but just around the corner (at least when you live in Maastricht). We have put a lot of work into turning underutilized space at the Annadal Campus in Maastricht into a place where young entrepreneurs and members of the community can thrive.

“Where Ideas Take Flight”

Starters Valley provides the perfect environment for entrepreneurs to get their business ideas off the ground. Starters Valley partners with entrepreneurs who are developing sustainable business ideas that contribute to society in a positive way. Every tenant, project or activity has a profit motive whether on a social or financial level. The unique community offers entrepreneurs a valuable source of knowledge, capital, and access to a network of other entrepreneurs all under one roof, so that Starters Valley is not only a fertile soil to start a business, but also to grow.

The idea of ​​Starters Valley is to be a place where inspiration is palpable; where a handshake between social entrepreneurship and environment compresses inspiration into a spark that ignites bold ideas, experiments and solutions.


Get work done – Starters Valley aims to create an exceptional “incubator” where the focus is on developing the right people, resources, and mentality: Get work done. By making knowledge, capital, and a network of other entrepreneurs available, Starters Valley offers ‘fertile ground’ where you can safely start to take action, grow your business, and bloom!

We the people – Community is the focus at Starters Valley and we enjoy meeting new people, whether they are entrepreneurs or simply local residents. Currently there are about 10 young, social entrepreneurs who like to create positive social impact by thinking commercially and by involving the neighborhood in their projects.

Walk in like you co-own the place – As a tenant at Starters Valley, you can make use of affordable spaces and shared facilities for anything your work may demand. This is ideal for start-ups and social organisations or local residents and organisations who need a place to get some work done once in a while.

That’s the current plan!


A lot has happened that has laid a solid foundation. As we are young, ambitious entrepreneurs, we don’t want to stop here. We need you to join us in making Starters Valley bloom! As we are entrepreneurs, you can expect some return from our end in joining us.

The aim is to make the working spaces and facilities more attractive for young entrepreneurs and the neighborhood (so also for you and your friends). This way, Starters Valley will be accessible for different parties and everybody can benefit from each others’ expertise, energy and enthusiasm.

Even if you do not live in Maastricht but youa re interested in Starters Vallet and you would like to contribute, we have a few great options for you that you can read about below.

What is needed?

We would like to raise 5000 euros (out of the 20000 euros of total costs). With this, Starters Valley can start working to realize the idea, for example, by constructing dividing walls so more people can work at the same time (without disturbing one another), but also to ensure the common meeting room and activity area can be used separately.

Are you a starting, social, creative entrepreneur looking for an inspiring and flexible workplace? Check here which option best suits you: