East African Trip: Social Entrepreneurship & Tech Development

Blockchain Project

Blockchain technology has massive potential with a variety of applications and provides broad opportunities for various infrastructure. The technology assists with resource...
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Having high-speed internet service available has never been more important than it is today. According to a survey by satellite in July 2016,...
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Clean Water Project

Felix, a resident of Nyeri (Kenya), developed a natural filtering system to provide villages with clean water. We need your help in expanding this project to provide water for 4000 people.

Education Lab

Education Lab is a Youth Community Center and incubator in Central Kenya where people can join the journey to become an entrepreneur. From obtaining knowledge to exploring the business world, they are supported in undertaking social initiatives.

Computer Project

The project seeks to bridge the "digital divide" and wants to achieve technological empowerment in poor countries by providing computer services to the public at an affordable rate.

Biogas Project

The project is about installing a low cost method of producing energy and heat by installing a biogas plant in a school in Nyeri, Kenya. To reduce costs and to improve the health conditions and learning evnironment for both children and staff members.