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Block Chain – Nando Ngandu opinion

“Investing is always a big risk; the risk is even bigger when you invest in emerging economies because it often lacks basic infrastructure and transparency. Which leaves more room for mismanagement of resources and corruption. As an investor this might prevent you from investing and as a government it makes it harder to develop projects, which is a shame because in emerging countries especially there are so many opportunities!

I believe the Blockchain is a real solution to this problem. Now we can track and trace where all the money is going and data is stored automatically. No need for controllers, accountants, expensive transactions, documentation and reporting which is a slow and very expensive process.

This solution is truly revolutionary particular for emerging countries. This comes at a time when we really need it to make a long-lasting and sustainable impact on the future generation. 90% of the worlds youth and 80% of the worlds population live in developing countries. What future can we give when even their own government is plagued with corruption? We can all agree, that this major issue prevents any opportunity to develop to their full potential.

The beauty of Blockchain technology is that you can use it in all sectors: whether it is real-estate, health, clean energy – the possibilities are endless! So, if you want to secure your investment, gain more trust with business partners, attract more investors and start and finish projects faster, then lets get in touch now to discuss further possibilities for you.”

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